Initial D (Initial D) Tomica Vol.4 Minicar Toys

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CONDITION : Pre-Owned Good


*AE86 Levin turbo out of stock *Although simple cleaning was performed, there are some stains and dust that cannot be removed. The top of the blister is damaged. There is fine paint peeling on the whole. There is writing on Scratch and Inside as a whole outer box. AE86 Trueno: There is some Stain on the bunker. There is paint peeling around the rear lamp. FC3S: Stain around the door, around the rear wheel, and on the top, paint peeled off. FD: There is Stain on the door.

This item is shipped from Japan. Due to the current situation, it could take 2 to 3 weeks to get here in USA.
We really appreciate your understanding.

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